[Designated as Kanazawa City Preservation Architecture]

Designated as Kanazawa City Preservation Architecture

Walk down the street and listen to the graceful sounds emerging from behind the lattice windows.


Kaikaro is a chaya (teahouse) in Higashi Chaya-gai District. We offer feasts and entertainment following the traditional, referral-based admittance policy in the evenings, but are open to the public during the day. 

Admission 750 yen 
(Admission + Green Tea 1,200 yen)
Ages 7-18 500 yen
Under 6 Free
Open: 9:00~17:00


About the history of the Higashi Chayagai District, passing Chaya culture down to the present day.

Designated as Kanazawa City Preservation Architecture, Kaikaro is the biggest Chaya building in the Higashi Chaya District.

Vermilion-lacquered stairs and a tea ceremony room with gold-laced tatami mats instantly catch the eye.

Must-see events in which the general public can participate include Enyukai parties and geisha performances.

Kanazawa’s Best Entertainment
Geisha Evenings in Kanazawa
2018 Autumn Performance

[ Dates of 18 Performances ]
October: 1 (Mon), 3 (Wed), 5 (Fri), 8 (Mon), 10 (Wed), 12 (Fri), 15 (Mon), 17 (Wed), 19 (Fri), 22 (Mon), 24 (Wed), 26 (Fri), 29 (Mon), and 31(Wed)
November: 2(Fri), 5 (Mon), 7 (Wed), and 9 (Fri)


Enyukai: Dinner Party with Geisha

Kaikaro rather makes a unique effort to open a portion of their magnificent performances to the public each year. Scheduled evenings consist of an hour and a half of fabulous dancing, music, conversation, and of course a delicious full-course meal.
[ Dates of 4 Parties ]
Spring: April 28 (Sat)
Summer: July 15 (Sun)
Autumn: November 10 (Sat)
New Year 01: January 5 (Sat); New Year 02: January 6 (Sun)


Calligraphy and Paper Fans

We can help you select beautiful Kanji (Chinese characters) for your first name, and afterwards you can simply enjoy the art. Are you interested?