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Our souvenir shop sells a range of original and unique products focusing on gold leaf, such as confectionery topped with gold leaf, or bottle of sake (Japanese rice wine) in which the small pieces of gold leaf glitter.
If you want to share geisha’s beauty, pick up facial oil blotting paper, a by-products of gold leaf production, or a jar of moisturizing cream rich in gold leaf which bears the name of the Kaikaro’s proprietress.


Gold Leaf Hydrating Lotion

120mL × 1 ¥5,400
120mL × 3 ¥15,000

Hana’s Beauty Gold Leaf Hydrating Lotion contains moisture-rich extracts of rice bran to provide you moisturized skin with improved texture. This has a thick texture yet is easily absorbed into the skin, leaving no stickiness.

Gold Leaf Moisture Cream

80g × 1 ¥5,400
5g × 3 ¥1,800

Our gold leaf moisture cream contains extracts of rice bran and seaweeds to support essential properties of skin and to keep it moist and responsive. For everyday use, apply it liberally to face, elbows, knees, and heels.

Gold Leaf Beauty Set

Hydrating Lotion 120mL × 1
Moisture Cream 80g × 1

A set of hydrating lotion and moisturizing cream is Kaikaro’s best-selling item. Make the most of your daily skincare with our products containing Kanazawa’s famous gold leaf.


Oil Blotting Papers with Gold Leaves

30 sheets × 1 ¥430
30 sheets × 3 ¥1,080

Our luxurious oil-blotting papers containing gold leaf are loved and chosen by okamis and geikos. The soft, thin papers are made with the same skills that go into producing Kanazawa’s gold leaf, which accounts for 99 per cent of all the gold leaf produced in Japan. The paper instantly absorbs any excess oil on the skin, making them perfect for use when touching up your make-up.



Japanese Cake
"Kanazawa no Hana"
6 peaces ¥1,080

This is Kaikaro’s original Japanese sweet made of carefully selected red beans and egg yolk, and handcrafted by a skilful artisan. It has a moist and smooth texture with an exquisite taste and you can enjoy it served with Matcha tea in our café.

Sake with Gold Leaves
"Hana no Koi"

This Daiginjo Sake with gold leaf is served at night parties held at Kaikaro. Its gorgeous look makes it the perfect gift for an anniversary or for someone special.




Gold Leaf Flakes
"Serebu Furikake”
¥1,300 each

Although gold leaf has no taste or smell, a sprinkle of it will make your drink, dishes, or coffee look gorgeous. It can be used in various ways according to your own ideas.

Gold Leaf in Miniature Bottle
¥360 each

Netsuke were originally used as a pouch strapped to a kimono belt (instead of a pocket), but have nowadays been redesigned in various ways to serve as a charm strapped to a bag or purse.

Japanese Hand Towel

This hand towel with a Japanese design can be displayed on a wall as a piece of art. The small hand towel will also come in handy for traveling as it dries easily.