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There are great opportunities
to experience real geiko entertainment.

Enyukai Geisha Party

An Unforgettable Night
with Lovely Geisha!

In the prominent Higashi Chayagai district, the exquisite geisha house Kaikaro was built in 1820. They invite you to experience a cultural tradition of refined excellence. Old-world institutions such as teahouses are renowned for their exclusivity, resulting in restricted booking available only through existing clientele. Kaikaro rather makes a unique effort to open a portion of their magnificent performances to the public each year. Scheduled evenings consist of an hour and a half of fabulous dancing, music, conversation, and of course a delicious full-course meal. It’s going to be an unforgettable night!
Matsunouchi New Year Party [2023]
Fee: 28,000 yen per person
*Tax, meals and beverages included in prices.
New Year: January 7 (Sat)
[ Time ] 18:30-20:00
*Sold out
Seasonal Party [2023]
*We are afraid but we have not yet decided next schedule. We will update information on this website. Thank you,

Calligraphy and Paper Fans

Write your own calligraphy
at an authentic geisha house!

In Kanazawa, it’s a tradition for geisha to give paper fans with their written names to their regular customers as if to say, “Favor me!” Although you might not be a geisha, we nonetheless offer you an opportunity to practice elegant calligraphy by making your own fan at our geisha house in the Higashi Chayagai District. We can help you select beautiful Kanji (Chinese characters) for your first name, and afterwards you can simply enjoy the art. Are you interested?
[Fee] 5,800 yen per person
*The fee includes matcha tea and building tour.
*Reservation required.
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